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Mobile applications are ubiquitous. From mobile-first companies to ones that use apps as another channel for marketing and selling their products and services, businesses are investing in reaching their customers on mobile devices.

The question is no longer whether you should invest in mobile presence, but how. Possibilities are vast, from Responsive Web Design and Progressive Web Apps, allowing you to adjust web services to mobile, through cross-platform solutions, to native mobile applications.

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Advantages of Mobile App Development


Global reach

Customer satisfaction


Global reach

Customer satisfaction

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App usage dominates time on mobile, as 90% of mobile media time is being spent on apps.

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Native Mobile App Development

If you want to fully benefit from the advantages of iOS or Android devices, developing a native mobile application will yield the most benefits. As these apps are fully tailored to each platform, they offer the best performance, stability, security, and functionalities. This results in great user experience and customer satisfaction.

These apps, on the other hand, have to be developed each for its platform, which will double the development time and require distributed codebase.

Applying software development best practices for iOS and Android development, we use Objective-C and Swift for Apple devices, and Java and Kotlin for Google’s OS. We also match frameworks and architectures we use to each platform, to ensure best performance and maintainability.

Cross-platform Development

If you want to target various devices with a single application, it’s possible with cross-platform development. For this, you can choose hybrid app development, resulting in apps that feel like native ones, offer similar features, but use a shared codebase, reducing time and effort required to build them. The cons, however, may include lower performance than native apps.

For cross-platform mobile development, we use React Native, Xamarin, and Flutter. These toolkits are the industry standard today, with strong support and ability to create UI components improving development speed and efficiency.

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